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sveuciliste_u_zadru2University of Zadar is the project applicant and the leading partner. It has all the necessary and operative, technical and management capacities for a successful and efficient implementation of the project in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Only in the last five years University of Zadar took part in implementation of the projects from programs IPA IV, TEMPUS, CIP ICT, WBIF, ERDF, ESF financed by the funds of the European Union worth more than HRK 17 million. University of Zadar is an integrated university consisting of 25 departments with 343 teachers with teaching and research positions as well as other associates. A team of university professors includes true experts in teaching and research professions from scientific and professional fields appropriate for the development of competences and acquisition of qualifications of the educational profile: teachers of general subjects, vocational teachers, expert associates, as well as the area of professional development of principals. With their years-long work they proved their qualities in pedagogy, psychology and economics-related sciences. For the purposes of the implementation of public procurement in the context of business services, the University employs a person with the obtained certificate and experience in public procurement for the University.
The University has a quality financial and accounting service ready for financial monitoring of the project. The University also has an internal auditor qualified for financial control of the project. Along with human capacities, the University has all the necessary technical facilities: classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms, computers, printers, phone devices, Internet access and other necessary equipment.

FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ZAGREB with its experts from the field of marketing, accounting and financing in non-profit organizations, especially educational institutions, will contribute to the creation of high-quality differentiated curricula in business economics in the context of the higher education curriculum for the education of principals and acquiring partial qualifications of the principals in the higher education institution.

FACULTY OF EDUCATION AT UNIVERSITY OF JOSIP JURAJ STROSSMAYER IN OSIJEK The Faculty is our partner thanks to their experts in the field of organization of educational work, curriculum planning and programming, in particular the area of the school climate.

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