On Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 from 10 am until 3 pm the final conference of the project titled “Principal: a profession and a qualification, not a function” (HR.3.1.15-0040) was held at the University of Zadar. The final conference was organized by project coordinators – The University of Zadar along with the partner institutions including Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb and Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek. The final conference saw the participation of project team members as well as representatives of Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Education and Teacher Training Agency, Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, principals and teachers of educational institutions along with other participants of the Croatian educational system and the interested public.

The final conference also saw the presentation of project results oriented towards professionalization of principal’s vocation, based on scientific and professional work, including: legal framework analysis, scientific research results and insights in international experiences through visits to European countries (Great Britain, Finland, Austria and Germany) as well as through professional training of all participants in the Project realized through study visits of foreign experts (coming from the USA, Great Britain and Finland) to the University of Zadar. Within the framework mentioned, the proposal of standard of principal’s vocation was presented along with the proposal of standard of qualification for university specialist of educational guidance and management. In accordance with such proposals there followed a creation of the post-graduate specialist study program titled “Guidance and management of educational institutions”, which was presented during the conference. The program comprises three modules (Business disciplines, Pedagogical guidance and Quality of educational institution) which will help principals gain 60 ECTS credits. The program objective is to acquire competences which will enable principals to properly face contemporary educational requirements.

The conference also saw the presentation of study and reference books prepared for specialist study program candidates. The following three study books were published:

Educational Institution Management: Management and Marketing in Schools (editors: Božena Krce Miočić and Ljiljana Najev Čačija)

Educational Institution Management: Principal’s Competence Profile (editors: Dijana Vican, Izabela Sorić and Igor Radeka)

Educational Institution Management: School Culture (authors: Anđelka Peko, Rahaela Varga and Dijana Vican).

The following two editions of reference books were published and translated:

Educational Institution Management: Quality of Educational Institutions (editor: Dijana Vican)

School Effectiveness and Educational Management: Towards Guidelines on Researches and Public Politics in South-East Europe (editors: Nikša Alfirević, Josip Burušić, Jurica Pavičić and Renata Relja).

The project results were discussed by conference participants. The participants present at the conference praised the project team work, supported proposals and project results and they accepted partnership in realisation of further steps towards professionalization of principal’s vocation.



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